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Mt Beerwah meditation

By on November 27, 2010
Mt Beerwah

Mt Beerwah

A group of meditators gathered at the base of Mt Beerwah on 11 November 2010, to remember the fallen soldiers and to accomplish some spiritual tasks.

Jennifer Rayner said over the last couple of weeks she had been receiving a big spiritual pull to return to Mt Beerwah.  She said she had been told, through her dreams, to gather as many people as possible on 11/11/10, as they needed feet on the ground, for the energy to materialise.  At the same time they would be connecting with Jill Marie in Egypt and other energy sites across the world, via the grid system.

Jennifer Rayner said there were a number of activations to be completed.  Like the Crystalline Star Tetrahedron to be activated, the whales in the South Pole and the gold/copper rods.  She said there is also more work to be done regarding healing the past for the Aboriginals in that area.

15 people gathered on a beautiful hot day, all with different spiritual intents.  Each person mediated in their own way and hoped to contribute to what they believed was a healing for our Universe.

After giving thanks to our fallen soldiers, the group silently mediated.

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