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‘When a Bushie leaves the crease’

By on June 8, 2010

‘When a Bushie leaves the crease’


Les, Don, Matt & Steve (Red & Black at Commissioner's Flat

Looking ‘dapper’ in their cricket whites is from left: Les, Don, Matt & Steve. Missing from photo is younger brothers Colin and Russell who later made their own impression into the local cricketing scene.(Red & Black at Commissioner's Flat

During the late 1950’s, it was once mentioned, when in Woodford you could not throw a stone in any direction without ‘hitting’ a great cricketer. Amongst the local cricketing identities, the stately presence of six brothers, whose tall and wiry physiques on a cricket field would nobly stand out.

Cutting a perfectly moulded form in their neatly pressed whites, the dashing young Cochran boys, Don, Matt, Les, Steve, Colin and Russell would set about smashing sixes, carefully placing shots and annihilating wickets with a style uniquely their own – a style which has been handed down to their children and grandchildren today. These blokes were amazing, rumours say they perfected their ‘one handed’ catching skills due to the fact they’d often have an ice cold beer in one hand whenever the group of them and their mates got together for a friendly match!

Leslie Alexander Cochran with his trusty adze

Leslie Alexander Cochran with his trusty adze

True to their native Scotland and family coat of arms, these Cochran fellows certainly stamped their mark of sportsmanship and endurance into Woodford’s local heritage. Continuing to possess traits reminiscent to that of the Scottish Cochran clan’s motto, ‘virtute et labore’ meaning ‘by valour and exertion,’ the brother’s still can last an innings or two!  

Les Cochran

Les Cochran ‘Country Big Hitter puts it in the Bush’ was the headliner in Queensland’s Courier Mail, 1963. This story was featured when Les Cochran slogged a six out of the ground when he hit up 108 runs for Blackbutt in under even time during the Country Week match against Back Plains at Victoria Park.

Les, the fourth eldest of the brothers, who unexpectedly passed away almost four years ago, was among the greatest cricketers Woodford has produced. Playing A grade warehouse for Toowong, Western suburbs A grade for Brisbane and ten years of A grade for Rockhampton Easts, the ‘unique pioneer’ as he was once called by Doug Murray of Channel Ten after featuring Les on his television show, made history when he scored the ‘fastest’ century in 1963 during Country Week’s match at Victoria Park. As far as it is known, to this day, the record remains still.

Dedicated to preserving the family’s ancestral past whilst living a carefree existence at the old Binambi Homestead (later known as ‘Black Flat’,) Les with his ever open broad hands and warm heart, shared many years of happiness with his wife, Joyce, their children, extended family and many friends.

Jacqueline Cochran – Draper

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  1. Brandon

    March 13, 2011 at 9:29 am

    I was so happy to read this article.
    The Cochrans are a lovely bunch.
    And the late Leslie Cochran was a man with a hat for every occasion..!
    I take mine off to you Les.

  2. Jackie

    June 9, 2010 at 2:03 am

    Thank you Dianne. There are many exceptional cricketing families from Woodford’s past – the Cochrans were just one of them. My father Matt and his brothers were notable examples of traditional Aussie larrikinism. I wrote this in memory of my Uncle Les for his family. Thank you Woodford Newspaper for publishing the article – it means a lot.

  3. Dianne

    June 8, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    What fantastic photos from the past. Loved the personel story of the very talented brothers.